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2018 Memberships 


It has never been easier to learn, improve or maintain your golf skills!  

  • One monthly fee
  • You set your schedule 
  • No long-term commitment 
  • Members can book their lessons months in advance before non-members
  • Free range tokens during your lesson
  • Sudden cancellations will not count against you
  • You can schedule all your lessons for you, same day and time every week if you like

Unlimited Instruction  Membership

How about taking a lesson whenever you want as often as you like or  need.  My availability will sometimes allow as many as 20 and no less than 12 per month!  That would cost a student on a per lesson basis anywhere from $660-$1100.  You pay only $250 per month!  See restrictions and terms online.


Limited Summer Instruction Membership

This membership allows the student up to 6 lessons per month.  The cost is only $199 per month and you will still save over $70.

The VIP Membership

This is a must have if you do not wish to choose a membership and you purchase one lesson or a series of lessons.  Why? Because you still receive all the benefits of Membership with no committments for only $50 for the season!


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