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Ryder Cupbreadcrumb separator2017 Ohio Junior Ryder Cup


              April 29, 2017

This event is by invitation only!  This is an annual event, match play, two teams of boys and girls ages 14 -18 competing for the Ryder Cup Trophy at Avalon Lakes C.C.  The event is held at the end of April every year.  If you are a high school player that is currently on your school's varsity team you can request an invitation for the 2018 Ryder Cup.  Email with the following information:

  • Name
  • Your current grade in school for 2016/17
  • School attending
  • Your average 18 hole tournament score
  • Division for your School (I, II, or III )
  • Sectional and District score (if applicable) 
  • Best finish in the OHSAA State Tournament if applicable  

A scoring average of 84 or better and/or a Top 30 finish in the OHSAA State Tournament is preferred!

All applications will begin November 1, 2017 and must be received by December 31st 2017 prior to the event unless otherwise specified.